Friday, June 26, 2015

Here is my new weekly addiction.  3d shadow boxes.  The pics are not the best, being in glass there was a horrible shadow.  As I made them for co-worker gifts I didn't have time to really take a good picture that would avoid the glare.  Each tree has a song lyric printed on them.  (of the 3 here, 2 are wedding trees and one is the birthday tree.) 

I hope that you enjoyed and thanks for visiting ... 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Fun Stampers Journey

Nearly two weeks ago I found out about a new direct sales company for rubber stamps (cardmaking).  I'm sure that all of you paper crafters would understand the excitement!


So I joined in the fun and became a Journey Coach.  Hey why wouldn't I?  A new exciting company with so much to offer?  Well today the kit came.  I couldn't wait to play for a few minutes tonight.  I decided that I would make a simple card and put this product to a test.  


Here's my card:

Simple, sparkly and cute!

First I wanted to make my card base using whip cream cardstock.  Folds nicely.  Then I wanted to try to put it through the silhouette cameo to see if there were cutting issues.  So I wanted a more intricate design (silhouette file) So I tried out blue lagoon. I used regular setting for cardstock. It cut like a dream.  Then I wanted to see how their glaze worked. I have to tell ya, it was nice.  I could apply it thick or thin, without any problems. The bottle tip makes it really easy to apply.  Then while wet, I decided to apply clear glitter.  In the pic the glaze was still wet, so I'm hoping that when it dries the blue lagoon will seep through the glitter for a more vibrant effect.  (btw, the yellow center is a DIY melted perler bead.  Very easily done, and several video's on  Then I had to try the stamp.  

Fun Stampers Journey are nice rubber cling stamps, not acrylic, which I really liked.  There is a nice foam backing to allow it to give a nice crisp image. I used Blue Lagoon ink, true color fusion ink.  The pads are nice and juicy and the pads are not cheaply made like some.  You can see in the card photo, above, that there is a nice vibrant color.  I was very pleased.  The ink cleans right off the stamp.  No staining.  Of course I used FSJ's stamp cleaner, which the formula is specific to the color fusion.  Again, my stamp did not stain!  

Now for some FSJ info....

First,   the new catalog came out Friday and you can view it on my website here:\587.  I think that you will really enjoy the products. 

Second, to be a journey coach they make it so simple, reasonable and fun.  There are three choices of coaches kits, and you can get the information here:  The one thing that I really liked right from the start, quarterly sales are only $150 to maintain your coach status. Not $300, only $150!!  That is a o much more reachable goal, don't you think. There is no hassle, you can either sign up for a hobbyist to take advantage of savings, or a small business partnership.  The choice is all yours!  After you have checked out the above link, should you decide that being a coach is a dream come true (and believe me it is!) you can use this link and sign up here to start your journey,  I think that this is going to be an incredible journey!  There are so many resources to help you create, learn and just make new friends!

I hope that you enjoyed my little review and hope that you'll stop back. 

Until next time,
~Kim ♥♥♥
That's my passion, and this is my journey!