Sunday, May 3, 2015

This weekend was beautiful here in Western NY.  Finally no cold, no snow, no dampness, no mud, I can go on and on!  I saw my first hummingbird Friday morning as I was leaving for work trying to hoover over Bob's birdfeeders.  This weekend we made sure that she had her nectar put out there.

While having to run to Walmart for the nectar, I broke down and bought an inexpensive heat laminator to play with. I can't justify paying for the MINC foil applicator nearly $197 (when it's only a heat laminator) vs. $19.97 for a SCOTCH heat laminator.  OMG I am in love.  A new obsession!

So I'm throwing in a disclaimer now, I am not responsible for any debt that one obsession can bring to anyone.  LOL.

I looked at several Youtube videos using a regular laminator.  Some were a fail so I was a little skeptical when I decided to buy the laminator. I did do a few attempts to make sure that my investment was worth it. I'll explain my findings down farther.

You will need:  1. your image  (my image below is from the SIL store 
                         2. laser printer.  A copier which takes TONER would work too. 
                                Bottom line: you need to work with toner ink.
                         3. cardstock
                         4  copy paper for a protective folder
                         5. toner foil. (heat transfer foil)
                         6. laminator
It doesn't matter where your image comes from because you need to print it out using toner ink.  Even a scanned stamped image, printer would work.

so... again, print your image using a toner base ink on to your cardstock.

Fold a piece of copy paper to make a protective folder. I just want to add, if you are using a scrap piece of copy paper from your laser printer or copier, fold using the print outside (I'll explain below).

Cut your foil to the same size as your printed image. Place your foil over the image, color side up.  (color not touching the image) and place in the copy paper folder that you made above.

Place in the lamininator and let it do it's thing!

And... here we are:

Now, I tried a couple of different things other than how I listed my steps above.
Don't make the protective folder out of cardstock to send through the laminator.  It's to thick and creates a slight heat barrier.  The foil failed to stick on the image.

So I used copy paper to create my protective folder. However I used a simple piece of scrap paper that was previously printed using the laser printer.  I DID NOT do this, however it was a quick epiphany as to what NOT to do. If you are going to use a scrap paper printed previously from your toner device, but the printed side on the outside.  Remember that your foil will adhere any where that there is toner.  A scrap paper with the toner print inside, if your foil overlaps with it, it will adhere.  If you forget to cut down your foil just large enough for the image, you'll waste some foil.

I did send my foil and image through the laminator without a protective folder using the lowest setting.  It didn't hurt the machine but made me a little uneasy about doing it. 

All laminator settings are different.  On this particular laminator from Walmart there are 2 settings, 3 mil and 5 mil.  You want to use the 5 mil. The 3 mil only stuck if I sent it through without the protective folder.

So there you go!  You don't need a $197 machine when you can have the same results by a $19.97 Scotch laminator :)  AND I also researched where to find a better price on foil!  I found a blog who sent me to Laura Murray's blog... it's the best price out there that I can find right now. And it's sold by the yard!

Good luck and have a ton of fun!  Beware, it can easily become an addiction for all your projects!

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Happy May 2015!


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